The Leadership Factor...

         John Maxwell was right (and he didn't invent the idea): Everything rises and falls on leadership. More than ever before, this truth is so transparent to me. As God prepares our church for the future, and all that He wants to do through us, the amount of investment we place in our leadership MUST GROW!
         Many of you know that one of the reasons we've moved from two Sunday Morning and Two Sunday NIGHT services, to three CRAZY Sunday morning services, is so we can take the next few months before moving into our new worship auditorium at the North Forsyth campus, and pour spiritually into the volunteer leadership of our church. This Sunday Night, we'll assemble ALL of our Small Group Leaders and Volunteer coaches to invest into them collectively from both a spiritual and practical ministry leadership standpoint.
         So this Sunday Night, we launch "Leadership Community" at Mountain Lake, and I can't wait! Here's what we'll do: first, we'll eat together. Then, I'll share my heart with the leaders: "some inside scoop stuff"; then I'll invest spiritually into the leaders through some teaching. THEN our leaders will break out into their specific ministry areas: Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, Small Groups, Creative Arts, and World Care for some more practical ministry leadership investment time, led by our other pastors.
         I can't wait to see what God is going to do! I KNOW that God is going to use this investment into our leaders to make a GREATER IMPACT in and through their lives; and therefore, our families, our community, our nation, and our world! So let's go, leaders! Let's have Leadership Community!