The Greatest Gift My Staff Has Given Me....


I tell our Ministry team here at Mountain Lake that to show me they love me, they don't have to send me a birthday card or get me a Christmas gift. They don't have to tell me what a great preacher I am (OK, sometimes they can do that), or what a great Pastor and Leader I am. Honestly, those aren't the things that minister to me the most.

What ministers to me the most as their leader and BOSS is when my team members simply do what they're supposed to do! When they EXECUTE their ministries with excellence and discipline, it ministers to me more than anything else!  When I hand the ball to them by asking them to handle something or do something that's important to me, and I KNOW that they are going to carry the ball across the goal line, you know that communicates to me? That they are TRUSTWORTHY.

This is true for the entire, team, as well. If we can rely on our team members to carry the ball and do their part, execution builds trust on a team. On the other hand, a lack of execution erodes trust on a team.

If you have a boss, perhaps the greatest gift you can give your boss is TRUSTWORTHINESS. When your boss hands you the ball, can he/she trust you to carry the ball across the goal line?

Trustworthy messengers refresh like snow in summer.

They revive the spirit of their employer. (Proverbs 25:13 ESV)