Preparation for newness...


        As God prepares our church to move in our new Worship Auditorium this Fall, I believe God is also preparing His church for what's ahead! He is making our church new! There's a new sense of anticipation and excitement on our campus this year in anticipation of what God is going to do in and through us all at Mountain Lake Church, this year! I believe this year is going to be the nest year EVER at Mountain Lake! God is going to shake this community through us! He's going to change us! Use us! Move among us!
       I believe God is preparing ME for what He wants to do through me this new year! He is making me new! I feel God raising the bar in my own life. Calling me to more. Calling me to DO LESS to BE MORE. To be with Him; to pursue Him; to become a greater man of God; to become a better Father, husband, and spiritual leader; to grow as a preacher and teacher of God's Word; and grow in my love for people! I feel God preparing me for newness! What about you? Are you sensitive to God's desire to prepare your for newness this year?