4 Reasons You Shouldn't Complain About Your Work


Every year we celebrate “Labor” Day. We set aside a day to supposedly celebrate our work and our ability to do so. I love that! Our work, our LABOR, is a gift from God. Don’t ever complain about what God has blessed you with! Below are four reasons you should never complain about your work.

Work is a Blessing.

Before Adam and Eve ever sinned in the garden of Eden, God made it clear that He always intended us to work and steward everything with which God had blessed this planet. Adam and Eve considered it a BLESSING from God to be able to manage things on earth, and even make the world better and more beautiful! Work is not a curse. It’s a blessing!  It’s all how you see it. Work is a blessing from God! 

Work is a Provision.

The book of Proverbs, the book of wisdom in the Bible, warns us about get-rich-quick-schemes. Work is intended by God to be the way we provide for our families. The Bible says that the person who doesn’t provide for his family is worth than an “infidel.” Work allows us to provide for our families! Thank God we have the health and skill to work! Work is a . provision from God! 

Work is a Calling.

You were made for a purpose. Work is the primary way we live out our purpose and calling. We SERVE God through our work inside and outside the church and live out the purpose for which we were created as we use the gifts He has given us. Thank God we have a purpose. Thank God we have a calling on our lives. Today, thank God for the gifts, abilities, skills, and knowledge that God has given you.  Work is a calling! 

Work is Eternal.

Did you know that the Bible says we won’t sit around on clouds and robes and play harps for all of eternity? We will actually work when we get to Heaven! We will serve and honor God by using the skills and gifts we were given on earth, in Heaven! So get used to it. We will work forever. Don’t just face it. Embrace it! Enjoy your labor. Celebrate your labor. Happy. Labor. Day!