4 Ways To Become An Early Riser

In yesterday's post I gave 5 arguments for becoming an Early Riser. I have consulted with tons of leaders who have said to me: "I wish I was a morning person," as if we're all born with a certain disposition. I was, too! I hated mornings for years! In college I refused to take a class before 11 AM! Along the way, however, I made a choice to make the shift and become an early riser. It has made all the difference in my leadership and relationships. It can with you, as well. Here are Four Ways You Can Become An Early Riser. 

Think WHY not just WHAT.

Why is rising early better? Well, from my previous post on this subject, rising early provides me the ability to give God my first and my best and keeps me from robbing my relationships at night, among other great benefits! Getting more stuff done is not enough motivation for become a consistent early riser. We need a purpose that’s bigger than us to be successful in any new change. What kind of difference will rising early allow you to make? When you have answered that, you can be successful.

Give Up Late Night TV.  

Give up Late Night TV. I know...drastic! I know how you feel. I used to be addicted to late night Talk Shows! However, with the invention of DVR’s and then Streaming, I learned that I could watch any late night TV the next day...or whenever! Think about it: How many great things have you actually accomplished after 10 PM? There’s simply no need to stay up to watch late night TV live! Why not catch your favorite Late Night Show EARLY the next night? Fast forward through the commercials, and that way you watch it in half the time! That’s productivity gained!

Set An Alarm.

I know this sound oversimplified but no one gets up early easily at first. You will need to train your body to wake up early. Set an alarm every night before you go to bed. Get up the same time every day.We are creatures of habit whether we like it or not. Years after making this decision, I often don’t need an alarm to rise earlier than everyone else!  By body is rested and wakes naturally ready to take on the day! How do you begin to go to bed earlier? Get up earlier! You’ll be exhausted earlier!  

Begin With The Important Not The Urgent. 

What's important is often not urgent and what's important is often not urgent! Beginning the day by spending unhurried time alone with God is the most important way we could begin our day...not in our email! There is a discipline to slowing down to be alone with God. We are always moving so quickly, we miss the joy in the journey. The Bible tells us to be still and know that He is God. To know God, we have to learn to be still. Then and only then can we really know God. This is the real fruit of rising early. Rising early with less noise and distractions allows us to reconnect with our Creator in a peaceful, unhurried way. The is the most important appointment of our day! 

You need this. Slow down. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your relationship with God. Enjoy your relationships with others. Start early. Quit early.  Trust me, you’ll soon wish you had become an early riser a long time ago.