What I learned @Disney World a/b Guest Services (pt. 2)

* We need to make it our business to know the business. I was amazed at my inability to stump any Disney World employee with a question that I had. I am not a typical man, I will ask for directions quickly. I love to ask tough questions to people to see how they respond. I purposely asked several employees random questions about Disney World, attractions, showtimes, etc. and they ALL knew the answers! It was obvious to me that not only did Disney employees know their task, they knew what was going on in ALL of Disney World! Questions: As a church member, do I make it my business to know what;s going on in my church? If someone were to ask me about a ministry area I'm NOT involved in, would I be able to answer their questions? As a Pastor or ministry leader, am I communicating effectively to my area of ministry, not just what's going in my corner of the ministry world, but all of the church?

* Regardless of how we feel, "the show" must go on. It was 90+ degrees most days while we were at Disney. I am sure the employees were miserably hot...some of them in long sleeve uniforms and costumes! I also witnessed all kinds of ugly comments/behavior from tourists to Disney employees. The Disney "Cast Members" never flinched. Never whined. Never ceased to smile. Never got impatient. Never allowed their tough day to be imposed on a guest's day. Never. As guests service volunteers each week, we must remember that our tough day should NEVER rub off on guests. We need to be prepared to make every guests's day their BEST day ever to church, regardless of how we feel. We must be prepared to love and serve well and maintain our "game faces" no matter what. We can't get frazzled because a certain volunteer didn't show up, and let it ruin our day. If we do, we could ruin a guest's day. We need to be prepared to make every guest's day their BEST day ever to church, regardless of how we feel. Or it could be their LAST day. Questions: What kind of spiritual mindset am I in when I approach the church campus each week? Do I have my "game face" on when it comes to being prepared to welcome and interact with guests?