Not-so-commonly listed leadership practices...

         I read A LOT about leadership. Nothing great ever happened in the Bible, without a Godly leader in place who made some good choices. I have been a student of leadership for over 15 years now, and I've seen a TON of "Leadership Best Practices Lists." I even have my own (I'll talk about that later). However, here are some not-so-commonly listed leadership practices.

Leaders pray about decisions.
Leaders NEVER do what's best for them, but what's best for the organization.
Leaders work harder than everyone else.
Leaders are more disciplined than everyone else.
Leaders are willing to sacrifice more than anyone else.
Leaders don't shy away from making tough calls.
Leaders realize that the people that got you to HERE usually won't get you to THERE.
Leaders are honest. Even when it's hard.
Leaders love people.
Leaders believe in who God made them to be and are confident in their identity.