Discipline (Part II)...

        I told you that in the past, one of my weak areas in the area of discipline is the physical aspect of it all. Here's my blessing and my curse: I don't gain weight! I have great genetics that allow me to eat almost ANYTHING and not pile on the pounds. However, in the past, I have used this as an excuse to eat whatever I want and not exercise like I should.   
         Well, I committed this year to exercise discipline and self control in the areas of eating and exercise. Over the last few moths (it;s been a slow process, actually), I have COMPLETELY changed my eating habits: NO SODAS, Nothing fried, WAY less chocolate, and MORE VEGGIES, grilled chicken, and taking my lunch to work. I also have committed to not miss a DAY on the treadmill!
        I also realize that a leader's job is to set culture in an organization. So I am currently taking ALL of our pastors and church planting residents through a book that educates us about how to eat better called The Real Age Diet (It's on my bookshelf here in my blog). I can't tell you what it's doing for me and my team to begin to bring this last undisciplined area under control! I feel better, I feel better about myself, and I have a new area of moral authority by which to lead people where they need to go!