Discipline (Part I)...

        Every great leader I know has one thing in common: DISCIPLINE. Dictionary.com defines it this way: "Discipline (n): activity, exercise, or regimen that develops or improves a skill." If you want to know what I believe it takes to be the leader: at work, at school, and in the church, it's discipline. We need to be disciplined spiritually, physically, and intellectually! We need to be involving our lives in activity and exercise that help us improve: spiritually, physically, and intellectually. We become the leader and STAY the leader, we must be constantly improving and growing! Simply put, disciplined people are in control of themselves. BTW, self control is a fruit of the Spirit (see Gal 5:22)!
         Some of you know that physical discipline has been a weakness of mine for years. But I haven't given up! I made a commitment this year to not miss a single day on the treadmill. I missed one day on January 6, but only because I completely forgot! I jumped right back into it and have not missed a day since! I feel better and the weight is dropping off!
       I'll write more about how I am leading in the area of physical discipline tomorrow.. In the mean time, I am talking about this subject at our churchplanters.com conference EVOLVE on Feb 18-19. If you haven't signed up yet, don't procrastinate! Have discipline!