Relish the Responsibility: Guest post by Tricia Lovejoy (pt. 1)

        I'm not thestereotypical pastor’s wife - if there is one anymore.  I don’t play the piano, I’m rather outspoken, and I’ve been known to laugh at inappropriate things.  I also have strong opinions....about a lot of subjects. Just ask my husband. On second thought, don't ask him. No need to stir that pot.  Suffice it to say, I don't fit the mold. But just like Mountain Lake’s tag line, “We'll change the way you think about church,” I had to change what I thought about the role of the traditional Pastor’s wife.  I am not, nor do I want to be, the quiet wife who sits idly by while her husband completes his "job" of being a pastor.  You see, 15 yrs ago God called Shawn and me to invest our lives in His mission. Did you catch that?  He called US as a TEAM. I don't bear the title of pastor on Mountain Lake Church letterhead, but I am one nonetheless. I partner with Shawn on his weekly messages, I am highly invested in the prep/planning of MLC activities, I know the needs of our people, I am driven to see people know God, I celebrate and encourage our team, and I bear the burden with Shawn of how difficult it can be to sit in the Lead Seat.

    God has chosen to bless this partnership I share with Shawn, and we have seen God do astounding things. But, here's the clincher: our ministry would be severely hindered without each other's support. As a pastor and wife, we make each other better. When Shawn is overwhelmed, God gives me perspective to encourage him. When I doubt my abilities, God gives Shawn words to strengthen my spirit.  When God speaks to one of us, He always confirms it in the other.  God put us together for marriage AND ministry, and life rocks! Pastors' wives: whatever you do, relish the responsibility God has given you to lead in the church and follow Jesus with your spouse! It's a special calling and privilege!

Stay tuned for Part Two of this post tomorrow...