A Word For Young Leaders


Dear Young Leaders,

Even though you are so ready to change the world... you’re not ready to change the world... yet. In your twenties and thirties, it’s much more about what God wants to DO in you than THROUGH you. Growth, maturity, early successes and failures, character development, patience, and wisdom, are all areas that take time for God to develop.

God always wants to develop us PRIVATELY before He platforms us PUBLICLY. TWEET

The mistake I see young leaders often make? They try to do too much too quickly. They try to make something happen now. They get ahead of the Holy Spirit. They try to plant and harvest on the same day. It’s simply not God’s primary way of doing things.

Are there exceptions? Sure there are! Can God use us before we’re forty? He did with me, and He can with you. However, I need to focus faithfulness more than fruitfulness. If we are faithful in the small, more might be entrusted to us! On the flip side:

If we are not faithful now, why would God trust us with more? TWEET 

Are you dreaming of influence? Do you desire a platform? Be careful. Slow down. Most great leaders in God’s story lived through years of anonymity and even desert-like experiences before God used them mightily. Tell God you’re willing to be anonymous and walk through the desert before you try to lead everyone out of Egypt. The journey will be worth it. When you’re ready, God will lift you up... in due time.

In the meantime, enjoy the journey God has you on now. If you aren’t happy now, you won’t be happy when you have more influence and impact. If you’re not faithful now, you won’t be faithful then. If you are faithful now, He will trust you with more responsibility later!  So take a chill pill. Focus on HIM. Work on YOU. He will take care of the rest. God has got this. God has got you.


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