Adam Bishop: This Just Ain't Working Anymore

I am a “systems” guy. Now before you tune me out and stop reading let me see if I can explain.

Anytime you have the feeling, “this just ain’t working anymore” there is a good chance you have identified a bad system.

One of my mentors, Nelson Searcy, says it this way: A good system:

S - aves

Y - ou

S - tress

T - ime

E - nergy

M - oney

So here is what all of that means: Any area of your life that is currently causing you unnecessary stress or keeping you awake at night is screaming at you, “Please Change this System!”

It can be anything: how you do laundry, how you purchase groceries, how you pay bills, your morning routine with the kids, feeling tired from not getting enough sleep, fighting with your spouse… I could go on and on.

But here is the big idea (and if you get this it can change everything):

Every system in your life is perfectly designed to give you the results you are achieving.

Often times people want to change the result: more free time, more money, a happier marriage, less stress with the kids, having more energy…

Without focusing on the system that is producing this result.

So, whatever ain’t working for you anymore… Focus on changing the system rather than the result and there is a good chance you will achieve the results you want.

Adam is a coach for He serves as Senior Pastor of Bear Valley Church, in Lakewood, CO. He has served on staff at churches with Nelson Searcy, Shawn Lovejoy, and others. Adam believes that most tensions in the church are not a people issue, but a process and systems issue. He loves helping leaders and teams resolve those tensions. Adam is also an adjunct professor at Liberty University.