Are You As Good As Your Word?


Are you as good as your word? If you tell someone you’ll do something for them, you should keep your word! On the Teams I have led over the years, one of our Core Values has always been something called “Execution,” and that doesn’t mean we value killing each other! We value doing what we say we’ll do. Execution is really just integrity. Telling the truth. Consistent word and deed. Integrity builds trust in any relationship, and on any team. This why Execution is so important to us. 

Execution builds trust.  

Execution means we: 

  • Return phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Follow up on spiritual decisions promptly.
  • Answer our emails.
  • Start and end all meetings and events on time.
  • Take minutes at meetings, then  review those minutes at the next meeting to hold each other accountable for executing. 
  • Say ‘No’ rather than tell someone ‘Yes’ and not do it!
  • Do what we say we will do!

Is execution ever perfect? Certainly not. However, we hold each other accountable and challenge each other when this value is violated on our team.

Trust on our team grows as our ability to depend on each other grows. 

What about your team? How would you rate your “Execution” on a scale of 1-10?