Becoming A Brett Favre Leader

I think all of us could benefit by becoming more of a Brett Favre Leader. Favre holds NFL records for most completions (6,300) and attempts (10,169). Also worth noting - Favre holds NFL records for the most Interceptions (336) and most times acked (525).

Brett Favre did not have the best arm. He did not have the greatest mechanics. His decisions were often not perfect. Most experts said he would never be successful in the NFL. He had more critics than fans early on in his career.

So what made Favre great? The answer is simple: Favre had what we call “Ice in his veins.” He had no fear. He was not afraid to just drop back and sling it from time time.

Because of this mentality, he often made mistakes. When Brett Favre dropped back to pass, however, he wasn’t focused on the possibility of a mistake or fear of losing the game.

Brett Favre was often just focused on producing a come from behind win! His unusual and often unthinkable style often led  his team to improbable victories.  

In a discussion this last week with one of MY coaches, he told me that all great leaders have “a little bit of Brett Favre in them.” “They’re not afraid to just drop back from time to time...and sling it,”  he said.

As I reflected on that, I thought: I want to be more of a Brett Farve Leader. I want to play beyond my ability.  I want to be part of a miracle play. I want to lead my team to an improbable victory. I want to prove my critics wrong!

To do that, however, I can’t worry so much about having the wrong mechanics or making a mistake.

Instead, I need to just drop back sometimes and fling it. Is it possible I make a mistake? You bet. However, I also have a chance to become part of a miracle play and producing an improbable win! So today, I’m dropping back...and flinging it!

Will you do the same? Stop focusing on staying out of trouble and not making waves, and pleasing everyone, and just drop back and sling it!

Who knows? You might get to be part of a miracle, too….and in the process lead your team to an improbable victory.