Chris Bell: Just Get Moving.


The principal of the boat is something I’ve observed and talked about for a long time.  I grew up around rivers, creeks, and bays and I spent a lot of time on the water in boats.  My dad and I, would go fishing close to the banks where the fish seemed to hang out.  They would shut the motor off to keep from scaring the fish away and I’d take out a paddle and simply steer the boat along.  Here’s the principal I learned:

A moving boat is easier to steer than a boat sitting still.  

I know, I know….profound, right!!  However simplistic it may be, it is very true.

If a boat is moving it can be steered with incredible ease by simply placing the paddle in the water and moving it ever so slightly.  It truly becomes effortless to steer a moving boat.

This is not the case when a boat is sitting still.  In fact, you really can’t steer it at all.  If you try to steer while sitting still you just turn in a circle.  Round and round you go….lot’s of movement, but no progress.  Plenty of energy being burned up, but no intended destination is being pursued.  Without movement, steering becomes really useless.

This principal is true in our lives as well.  Many of us are steering the boats of our lives while they’re sitting still.  We pray and plan and pray some more, but we never take a step in any particular direction.  The Bible is clear that if we acknowledge God in all our ways He will direct our paths.  This is a powerful promise that should be quite freeing to us as we sail the boat of our lives on the waters of circumstances and time.

We need to start moving!!  I’m not downplaying the importance of prayer and planning, but at some point you must get going.  Once your boat is moving, it will be much easier to steer it more precisely.  Don’t continue putting off the very moves you know you need to make.  The phone call, the letter, the conversation, the resume….get going!!  Don’t get paralysis by analysis.  Don’t end up stuck going in circles in your life ending up nowhere.  Do something! Just Get Moving. Listen closely to the direction of God as you move.  You won’t regret it.

Chris Bell is a coach for, and Lead Pastor of 3Circle Church in Alabama. Chris has been featured in Outreach Magazine and 3Circle Church was named one of the fastest growing churches in America and the 2nd fastest growing church in Alabama. 3Circle Church is a 5 campus multi-site church with over 3100 weekly attendance. He is married to Nan, and has three children.