Climbing Ladders That Don't Matter...

The world will constantly try to get us to believe that there are all of these ladders we need to climb, in order to be and feel successful. At the end of the day, however, they're only ladders..that don't matter. Even when we get to the top, they don't provide the sense of significance and fulfillment, and sense of success we all yearn for. Three Ladders That Don't Matter:

The Ladder of Acquisition tries to get us to believe that if we can just acquire a bit more; experience a little more; that THEN we'll be happy and feel successful. God's Word tells us that if we're not content with Him, we won't be content adding everything this world offers.

The Ladder of Achievement tries to tell us that if we can just to HERE on the ladder, THEN we'll feel successful. God's Word Tells us that if we're not happy HERE, we wont be happy THERE.

The Ladder of Affirmation tries to get us to believe that if we look better; look better put together; that people will begin to notice us, admire us, and affirm us; and THEN we'll feel significant and successful. At the end of the day, even though our culture tries to tell us these are the ONLY ladders that matter, the truth is that they are all ladders that DON'T matter!  None of these ladders matter in the grand scheme of things.

So what DOES matter? Whatever matters to our Father in Heaven. See, our desires to achieve, acquire, and be admired aren't unhealthy desires. They are just misdirected desires. They were intended to be focused on our Father! When we take our eyes off of our father and place them on the world, we will never be satisfied. But if we could focus these desires on our father: Serving, pleasing and honoring him, regardless of where we are today, we could be successful in Heaven's eyes. That's the only madder that matters.

The only ladder that matters is eternity. 

Today, you can be successful. In Heaven's eyes. Today, would you focus on being successful in your Father's eyes? If you are successful in HIS eyes, that will be enough.


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