Creating Simple Steps For People

OK, so you have small groups and volunteer positions what? The real question is: How do we move people from isolated and consumer oriented to community, service, generosity, and mission? Well, we need to build some SIMPLE STEPS that help move people one step closer to where God wants them to be.

Want people to JOIN A SMALL GROUP?

50.7% of people are INTROVERTS (according to Myers Briggs)!

Want people to SERVE?

We all know that most people are over-committed, over-extended already.

Want people to TITHE?

People spend 128% of their income (according to Dave Ramsey).

So what are we to do? We need to build some simple steps! Building a new ministry system is not that difficult. We just need to know where people are, where they need to be, and then begin to create simple steps in between that people can take to move one step closer to where God wants them to be!

Below are just some samples and examples of simple steps that you could put in place that could be utilized to help people take their next spiritual step, and move them towards God’s eventual goal for them!

Information Classes

An information class allows people to commit to a one hour class to learn more about whatever step it is we’re asking them to make. For years when I was a Pastor, we never offered a NEW MEMBER class. Most people these days aren’t looking to join anything! Instead, we called it “Newcomer’s Lunch,’ a one-hour class, where we would serve lunch, take care of the kids, and explain what our church believed and where it was going.” Don’t ever ask people to just sign up on the spot. Allow the to request more information. Your sign up's will vastly increase!

Examples: Newcomer’s Classes, Baptism Information Classes, and Volunteer Information Classes.

Stay Right After The Service

Instead of asking new or marginal people to come back at night, offer an opportunity for them to stay right after each service. Find one spare room on Sunday morning and offer the same opportunity for people from each service to find out more or take the next step.

Examples: All of the above, as well as Leadership Meetings and additional volunteer opportunities like Setup & Takedown, and Facility Care.

Shorter Term Commitment

Many classes, programs, and groups begin with a 12-week commitment. That’s intimidating for a lot of people who have never made a major spiritual commitment. Why not offer a shorter version of the same process or environment to allow people to taste and see that it is good?!

Whether it’s a one-hour information class, an orientation, a fellowship or service event,  or a 2-3 week class, shorter term commitments allow people to learn more, without making a long-term commitment at the outset.

Examples: Spiritual Growth Tracks, Fellowship Events designed for people interested in groups, Budget Workshops, Spiritual Retreats, Conferences, & Special Service Days.

What do we need to learn from all of this? We can’t place all of the responsibility on THEM. We are their spiritual leaders. We must HELP them take their next spiritual step, and it’s easier to start... with small steps.