Danny Anderson: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

It’s easy for me to get motivated. It’s hard for me to stay motivated. I’ve always been that way. I hear something, I see something, or I get a good idea, and I am easily inspired to go for it. And so…I do. And then, a week later or a month later, something happens to my motivation…it fades away. It drains out of me.

I have done this with workout routines, blogging, cutting back on sugar and caffeine… I could keep going, but I don’t need to because you understand. You get it. I’m betting it’s happened to you as well.

Recently, however, I have started to notice a difference. My motivation levels are higher and more consistent, at least in a few areas. I am blogging more, working out more, eating better, and feeling generally more excited about life. As I thought about why I came up with these 5 answers. Maybe they will work for you, too.

1. Stay focused on the desired outcome.

David Campbell said, “Discipline is remembering what you want.” When motivation starts to fade, it is critical to remember what it is you are trying to achieve. What is the result? What got your juices flowing in the first place? Keeping the desired outcome in front of you as often as possible triggers passion and energy to consistently take action.

The simplest way to do this is to write your goals down every single morning before you start your day. Brian Tracey was the first person I heard recommend this practice. Then, review them at each night before bed. I started doing this not too long ago, and I noticed a big difference almost immediately. Remembering what originally triggered your passions continues to trigger those passions.

2. Consume positive content every day.

If your mind is like mine, it’s easy to focus on all the negative things that happened to you. Negativity serves as a distraction and a drain to motivation. I heard Craig Groeschel say recently that “Your life moves in the direction of your strongest thoughts.” In other words, if your thoughts are positive, filled with belief, faith, hope, and optimism, your life will follow. This is working in my life. As I consume parts of the Bible every morning and listen to podcasts, sermons, and audio books, I have noticed higher levels of motivation and enthusiasm for reaching my goals.

3. Spend time with people who are doing big things.

I love spending time with people who are doing big things. It helps me believe that I can, too. People who have accomplished big things with their lives have learned to overcome the obstacles of fear, doubt, and discouragement. They have determination and grit. You can literally draw inspiration and strength from their success. They leave me thinking, “If they can do it, why can I?” The truth is–I can! And so can you!

4. Get accountable.

I am not a fan of telling everyone what your goals and dreams are. I have done that, and for whatever reason, it hasn’t helped my motivation levels. Some people have done this, and it has worked for them…but not me. What has worked for me is sharing with my trusted friends. I am talking about the people who sincerely care about your success and well-being. They will be able to give you the encouragement and push that you need to stay the course.

My wife and my assistant do this for me. They both gently and regularly ask me how I am doing with my blog or my book (which I have been trying to write for 5 years) Yikes! I need more motivation!

5. Remind yourself that life is short.

The Psalmist wrote, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90:12. Now that I am approaching 40 years old and have a 15-year old son, the reality that life is moving quickly is hitting hard. I am now living in that “one day” I used to talk about when I was 27. It’s here. Now. If you and I don’t get moving on some of the things we would like to do, all we will have in the end is a bunch of regrets. Life is moving and the time is now. You don’t have all the time in the world. So, I encourage you to get moving toward your goals and dreams.

I hope this post has provided some needed motivation! Below in the comments, please let me know what you think and some things you do to keep yourself motivated.

Danny Anderson is the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Church located south of Indianapolis. Danny has hands-on experience in transitioning a church, creating and casting a new vision, simplifying programs, building teams, and launching new campuses. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jackie, his sons Andrew and Beau, and his daughter Ruby.