DWYSYWD - Doing What You Say You Will Do

In case you've never seen it or heard it, DWYSYWD is an ACRONYM for “Doing What You Say You Will Do.” In a world that does not keep its promises, DWYSYWD may be one of leadership’s most important acronyms. Doing what you said you will do or promised to do, is one of, if not the most important aspect of being an effective leader.

DWYSYWD builds credibility and trust as a leader or teammate. When we consistently deliver on what we have promised, we build a track record with those around us and a reputation as being a person that is as good as our word. In other words, DWYSYWD is really a matter of personal integrity. DWYSYD is a moral decision! With all of this in mind, let me ask you some pointed questions:

Do you return phone calls in a timely manner?

Is your inbox filled with people waiting on you for a response?

Do things ever “fall through the crack” in the midst of all your busy-ness?

Are you on time for work and meetings?

Do you start and end on time?

Do you deliver things when you say you will deliver them? Or make excuses?  

Great leaders have a system that allows them to execute on what they promise to do. Here are a few pointers to help you grow in DWYSYWD:

1. Make Integrity a priority.  

Delivering on what I have promised must become a moral decision for me. Building my reputation as a leader who delivers on what’s promised will only make me a more credible and effective leader.

2. Write everything down.

No one can remember that much. Write it down and review your To-Do List 15 minutes before the end of each day and for the first 15 minutes of each day. In every meeting I am in, I take notes in Evernote and review the notes immediately AFTER the meeting and immediately preceding the next meeting.

3. Utilize technology.

With the technology we have today, there is simply no excuse. Ten to fifteen times every day I will say “Siri, remind me to _________ today at _________(time).” I don’t have to remember it. Technology will do that for me! Set a reminder and an alarm. Set two alarms! Place it on the calendar...with reminders! Technology can make us look better than what we are.

4. Plan for the unplanned.

Get ready ahead of time. Leave early and arrive early. Plan out the meeting. Plan my day with some margin. Schedule response time on my calendar.

DWYSYWD ultimately comes down to our ability to summon the discipline we need to be as good as our word.  If we're going to get to the next level, we must become a leader that delivers on what we promise. Bottom line.