How To Design Your Culture Blueprint


Whether by design or by default…culture happens! The goal is to be intentional about the way it happens. So one of our primary responsibilities as a leader is to design the culture we want to build.

We are not victims. As leaders we are responsible for designing and building the culture that’s needed to win. Is the culture where you lead 100% what you want it to be?No, of course not! That’s why you are there! So let’s get busy. As the leader you don’t simply measure or monitor the culture. You make it. You build it!

You can build a life giving culture.

You can build a culture of health.

You can build a culture of passion.

You can build a culture of fun.

You can build a culture of positivity.

You can build a drama free culture.

You can build a culture of teamwork.

You can build a culture of execution.

You can build a culture of service.

You can build a culture of excellence.

You can build the culture you need to win!

What kind of culture are you trying to build? Does everyone know it? Today, write it down and talk about it in your next meeting. Culture begins with a clear blueprint.


  • What Are We Trying To Build? (What does a winning culture look and feel like?)

  • Is the Blueprint Clear? (Does the language make sense? Is anything confusing? Do we have everything we value reflected in the blueprint?)

  • Is the Blueprint Complicated or Concise?

  • How Will We Keep The Blueprint In Front of Everyone Consistently? (visuals, communication plan, etc.)

  • How Will We Know if We're Winning?

  • How Will We Hold Ourselves Accountable?

Design your culture blueprint. Value engineer it. Begin building it. Monitor its progress to ensure that what you are trying to build is actually being built. If someone has trying to build something else, modify it. If you have to, tear it down and reconstruct it. Be mean about the vision!

Take responsibility. Don’t be a victim. Hold people accountable. Culture happens by what we build or what we tolerate.

It’s not that “they won’t.” It’s just that we haven’t led them to yet. We can. By God’s grace, we WILL build the culture we need to win!