How To Get and Keep The Vision Clear (pt 2)

In Part 1 of this post, i began introducing five ways to get and keep the vision clear.

Here are the last two!

Keep It Creative.

Our task as leaders is not only to talk about the vision but also to talk about it in fresh and creative ways. Whether it’s visuals, movie clips, video, drama, games, or stories, they all communicate the vision in fresh ways. Sometimes keeping things fresh is as simple as paying attention to your tone of voice. Do you remember Charlie Brown’s teacher? The incessant, never-ending, boring “Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah,” was all anyone ever heard from her. We can’t let that be what people think about us when they hear us talk about the vision!

Keep It Celebrated.

What gets celebrated gets done, because what we celebrate communicates what we value. It highlights the importance of what we’re doing. It demonstrates that we’re winning. Being mean about the vision requires celebrating every time we see the vision happening in and around our organization. One of the major mistakes I see leaders make is failing to celebrate privately and publicly when the vision is happening. In John Ortberg’s The Life You’ve Always Wanted, he talks about slowing down long enough to truly enjoy God and what He is doing in and around our lives. He calls it the spiritual discipline of celebration. For some of us this comes easier than others. Some of us have to work at this! Celebrate jobs well done. Lives changed. Tell stories. Let your hair down. Have a little fun! Enjoy the journey. Stop and smell the roses. If you're not happy now, you won't be any happier later. Learn to celebrate!