How To Stop Feeling So Inadequate


“Do I have what it takes?”

Even if it’s never verbalized, most leaders I know have stayed awake at night wrestling with that question. At some point, every leader simply feels like they’re in over their head.

High caliber leaders overcome the fear of inadequacy by using it as fuel to grow and get better. Next level leaders are learning leaders. They have simply made a practice of learning from the best, ripping off great ideas, and then making them better.

Confidence grows as competence grows.

Overcome feelings of inadequacy by asking a different question. Instead of, “Do I have what it takes?” ask, “How can I learn what it takes?”

Want to get to the next level? Learn to the next level. To help you, here are…

Five Characteristics of Learning Leaders

We lead ourselves before leading others.  

The most difficult person we will ever lead is ourselves. Spend the first part of every day leading yourself: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, get my drift! Lead yourself before leading others.  As you go the organization will go. As you grow the organization will grow! 

We choose quality over quantity.

Sometimes a great quote is better than an entire chapter. Focus on applying what you read rather than how many books you read a year. Don’t feel guilty skimming a book. In most books, 20% of the content holds virtually 100% of the value! Choose quality over quantity!

We learn from many rather than one.

Don’t put all your eggs in the basket of one leader or model or ministry. Learn from lots of different expressions and models of leadership and ministry. Spend time every month looking for ways to get to know new leaders and being exposed to what they are doing. Don’t be a copycat leader. Be a learning leader. Learn from many rather than one.

We slow down and get out of town.

God speaks to me more when I am away. There’s no doubt about that. When I change my pace and my environment from time to time, my senses open up and my creativity spikes. If we go pedal to the metal all of the time, while managing all the minutia, we become a manager rather than a leader. We become a doer rather than a developer. The best leaders I know work hard and play hard. They live life in rhythm. When they re-engage, they are rested, renewed, and ready to tackle the next challenge. Slow down and get out of town. God will speak to you there!

We have coaches, not just consultants.

We don't just need someone to give us a canned process. You don’t need a consultant. We need someone who will watch us play and then give us instruction every time we come off the court. We need someone to process ideas with. We need permission. We need perspective. We need a coach! Enough said.