"If Only..."

Have you ever played the “If only…” game?

“If only I could speak like that...”

“If only I could be there…”

“If only I could GET there…”

“If only my church was in that town...”

“If only I had their influence…” “...their fame…” “...their money…”

If so, I want to caution you. Don’t play the “If only…” game. It’s a trap!

In Jesus’ Parable of The Talents (Matt 25:14), the Master gave three servants different amounts of “talents.”  Notice that the servant who was given the least amount of “talents” never dwells on what he doesn’t have or can’t do because of his small amount of “talents.” He refuses to compare what he has with the other servants.  

The “If only…” game is simply a game of comparison, and comparison never gets us anywhere.  

Instead, what does the servant with  only one talent do? He gets busy with what he has. He focuses on being faithful with what he has.  He realizes a powerful, eternal truth:

Regardless of what we have, our responsibility is the same: be faithful with what we have been given.  

Here’s the greater point of the story:

If we are faithful with what we have now, we will be entrusted with more!

I am convinced that while so many of us think we are waiting on God to bless us, the truth is that God is waiting on us...to be faithful right where we are with what we have now.

If we would demonstrate our faithfulness and good stewardship with what He has entrusted with us now, He wants to give us more!

So today, would you refuse to fall into the trap of playing the “if only…” game?

STOP living in fear and burying your talent.

STOP with the excuses.

STOP comparing what you have with the blessing of others.

START being faithful and stewarding well what you HAVE been given. If you will, a surprise blessing is in fact on its way! Claim that today...and get busy!  

By the way, we would love to help you be faithful right where you are and break through to where God wants you to be!  We would love to help you hone and develop your "talents." Drop us a line now! Don't procrastinate. Let's get busy!