Initiate. Don't Just Respond.

I recently had a brief conversation backstage with Craig Groeschel, who leads Life Church, the largest church in N. America. In that conversation, Craig is once again teaching things he doesn’t even know he’s teaching. We’re talking and he says: “This year, I want to INITIATE not just RESPOND.” He didn’t even explain it, but I thought “Wow, I just got gold.” There are so many ways we could apply the desire to INITIATE rather than just RESPOND to life. It’s become a new goal for me!  

Initiating rather than just responding means:  

I am focused on what's important, not just what's urgent. 

I have priorities and my calendar reflects them.

I plan my calendar rather than allowing it to plan me. What gets calendared gets done.

I have decided what I am going to live FOR, not just what I am AGAINST.

I start with emails I need to send, not with emails I have received.

I don’t read emails as they come in. I schedule this endeavor like everything else in my life.

I don’t surf the internet. I mine the internet. There’s a big difference.

I spend as much time posting helpful content, than I do reading it.

I say NO to GOOD opportunities so I can say YES to GREAT opportunities.

I let go of control and empower trustworthy people with tasks I do not need to be doing.

I refuse to get pulled into mundane and minute tasks and instead focus on what can make me and my organization great.

I schedule time to work ON IT not just IN IT.

I lead my family, not just react to them. 

I lead, manage, and review myself first. No one else can do this like me.


What about you? How do you need to order your life more so that you can INITIATE not just RESPOND?   

Drop me some new ideas about how we can all do a better job at this!