It's Not Enough To Be Right


When we’re processing through a decision, figuring out WHAT to do is the easy part. Figuring out HOW to do it is the difficult part!

It's not enough to be right. If we do the right thing, the wrong way, we still blow up everything!


  • How do we do this without blowing up things and people?
  • How do we release someone the right way?
  • How can we be harmless as a dove and wise as a serpent?
  • We’ll need to balance grace and truth.
  • We’ll need to pay attention to timing, tone, and temperature.
  • We’re going to need meetings before THE meeting.
  • We’ll need a communication plan.
  • We’ll need knowledge and wisdom.
  • How will this be communicated?
  • What will be communicated?
  • When does it need to be communicated? To whom?
  • How will this be received?
  • How will they respond?
  • What are the potential landmines?

It's not enough to be right. We can be right and not be righteous about it!

Every week, I watch leaders blow up their ministries, organizations, and the people in them, because they’ve done the right thing the wrong way. 

It’s not enough to be right. We must do the right thing the right way.  TWEET

We need to know how to do this. We need to teach this on our teams.

You know what we do here at CourageToLead? We help leaders do the right thing the right way.

We coach leaders through what keeps them up at night. We help you make the decisions you need to make, the right way.

We would love to help you do just that.

We would love to be your trusted confidant (and hand-holder if need be), while you seek to make the right decisions and then implement them the right way!

Conferences and Video Content won’t help you with this, by the way. You need a coach. I believe every leader needs a coach.

That's why we have built our ministry on the foundation of one-on-one coaching. 

What is the best decision you could make in 2018? Get a coach. Every decision after that will get easier.

Give one-on-one coaching a shot. The first call is on us.

We’ll help you process through a decision on the first call. Then we would love to take a few minutes to explain what it would look like to have a coach from our team of coaches.

Drop us a line now BEFORE you blow up anything or anyone else!

We can help. Let us do that for you.

Hope to connect with you very soon! 

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