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I just held the first copy in my hands! As you may have heard by now, my new book for leaders, Be Mean About The Vision, launches on April 19! I believe this work could save lives, ministries and organizations. Yes, I believe in the content of this work that much. I don’t care about being rich or famous. I really don’t. I just want the visions of leaders and organizations everywhere to be preserved and protected. Would you help with that cause? Would you consider joining my Launch Team?

If selected as a member of the #BeMean Launch Team, you will receive:

1. A FREE ADVANCE electronic copy of #BeMean!   

2. Mention and Links from my Blog and all Social Media to your Social Media Profiles. You might build your platform!

3. A LIVE Video Session the day before the Launch, to learn from Shawn and other leaders, and BRAINSTORM about how to get this work in the hands of every leader!  

4. 20% off all resources at, including all coaching!

5. A FREE copy of my first book, The Measure of Our Success!

If chosen to be part of the #BeMean Launch Team, you just need to be willing to:

  • Share your thoughts to your existing social media, blog, and beyond, beginning April 4.

  • Write a brief book review on Amazon or some other e-tailer site.

  • Be willing to brainstorm with me about additional ways we might further expose the #BeMean message to as many leaders as possible!  

Don’t procrastinate! I can only give so much stuff away!  Space will be limited on this!

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