Keeping The Vision From Leaking

Bill Hybels, Founding Pastor of Willow Creek Church, was the first one I ever heard say it: “Vision leaks.” It just means that the clarity and the passion for the vision will tend to fade over time. And it doesn’t take as much time as we think! This is why an annual “Vision Talk” will not suffice.” We must clearly but also consistently communicate the vision to everyone in our organization. Why is this so important?

Vision is not WHAT we do. Vision is WHY we do it. When we begin to forget WHY we do what we’re doing, we’ll eventually lose our passion. When we lose our passion, we shrink back, let up, and often give up, consciously or unconsciously. So how do we keep the vision from leaking? First of all, it begins with us. We need to constantly bring ourselves back to WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. Why are we here? Why do we want to grow? Why are we trying to accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish? How do we keep this in front of everyone? How do we keep everyone passionate about the vision? How do we keep the vision from leaking?

Talk about it constantly.  

We’ve got to talk about the vision all the time. I do mean all the time. Every week if possible! We must connect vision to everything we do. Everyone must know, understand, and embrace the vision...or we perish! When people start complaining about the fact that we talk about the vision too much, we’re probably getting close to the appropriate threshold. Talk about it in meetings. Talk about it from the platform. Talk about it in sermons. Talk about it in coffee shops and around water coolers. Talk about it every day with everyone will listen.

Celebrate it consistently. 

We also must celebrate the vision when it is happening. We need to remind everyone about the difference the vision is making in people’s lives. What is the fruit? What is the win? Where are lives being affected? Changed? How can we tell those stories creatively? How many different ways and formats can we share those stories? How can we gather more of thos types of stories? Gather and tell stories often. Have team members do the same. If forgetting about the  robs us of passion, then remembering why restores it!

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