Lead Like A Rhino

I first heard of the book, Rhinoceros Success from Dave Ramsey, who told me he made this book required reading for every new employee. I thought to myself: “If Dave thinks the book is that important...it must be!” I devoured it within a few days, and since that time I have made it suggested reading for dozens and dozens of leaders! In the book, Scott Alexander outlines two primary characteristics of a rhinothat can have a profound effect on our leadership: 

A Rhino Has Two-Inch-Thick Skin.

A Rhino Wakes Up Every Day Ready to Charge.

What else do we really need to know as a leader? These two simple principles can be used to form a leadership philosophy that is unmatched. 

Great Leaders Have Thick Skin.

Great leaders aren’t bothered easily. Great leaders aren’t injured easily. Great leaders have a high threshold for pain. Great leaders aren’t bothered by petty debris. Great leaders care more about doing the right thing than pacifying the right people. Great leaders are confident in who they are and how they are made. Great leaders aren’t insecure or defensive. Great leaders are emotionally hardy and emotionally intelligent. Great leaders have thick skin!

Great Leaders Wake Up Ready To Charge.

Great leaders are focused. Great leaders are passionate and urgent. Great leaders know where they are going and why they are going there. Great leaders are not easily distracted. Great leaders bust through barriers and debris. Great leaders don't allow anyone or anything to get in their way. Great leaders are not afraid. Great leaders are not afraid of a battle. Great leaders are not afraid of competition. Great leaders aren’t cowards. They are courageous. Great leaders are picking up steam, not slowing down. Great leaders are committed. Great leaders do not stop until they have broken through. Great leaders are head strong enough to refuse to quit until the battle is won. Great leaders...charge!

Leadership is not all that complicated. Thick Skin. Charge.

What about you? What would it take for you to lead more like a rhino?