Matt Adair: A New Kind Of Leader


When's the last time you saw doubt in someone else?

Stammering words. A flash of fear in their eyes. A delayed decision.

When's the last time you experienced doubt?

Not theological or existential doubt.

Leadership doubt.


Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to lead?

Have you ever faced a situation where you didn't feel like you were the right person for the job?

Have you ever felt like you had led your church or organization as far as your skills and experience could take you?


That doesn't square with a contemporary vision of a leader who has the talent to navigate complexities, practice what they preach, appeal to reason, nurture followers through coaching and mentorship, inspire cooperation and harmony by showing genuine concern for others, and authentically rally people to their point of view.

That kind of leaders has no doubts.

That kind of leader never thinks they don't have what it takes to lead.

That kind of leader wields their personality until everyone around them has been inspired into their better selves.

That kind of leader...doesn't exist.

That kind of leader is a comic book character. An idealized caricature that simply isn't attainable by ordinary people like you and me.

It's Time For A New Kind Of Leader

I want to introduce you to Five Factor Leadership.

Five Factor Leaders are a different breed of leader.

They lead joyfully.

They lead humbly.

They lead courageously.

They lead generously.

Five Factor Leaders reject caricatures of leadership that demand wholehearted allegiance to the false gods of hustle, genius, and charisma.

Five Factor Leaders don't rest on the laurels of position and past success.

Five Factor Leaders understand that not only does everything rise and fall on the basis of leadership, but that leadership rises and falls on the basis of everything in a leader's life. 

Five Factor Leaders are resilient. They overcome adversity.

Five Factor Leaders are strong. They are physically up to the challenge of leading.

Five Factor Leaders are present. They invest in relationships.

Five Factor Leaders are hopeful. They bank everything on God's love for them.

Five Factor Leaders are ambitious. They have one life to live and they will make the most out of it.

Are You A Five Factor Leader?

Five Factor Leadership is a framework that Tal Prince and I have developed because we want you to thrive.

We want your leadership to make a difference.

We want your leadership to last and leave a legacy.

Five Factor Leadership operates out of the belief that the best leaders are healthy leaders.

Mentally healthy leaders.

Physically healthy leaders.

Relationally healthy leaders.

Spiritually healthy leaders.

Vocationally healthy leaders.

Are you a Five Factor Leader?

Do you want to be a Five Factor Leader?

Will you commit to being a Five Factor Leader?

Do The Next Right Thing

If you're ready to take the next step into a different way of leadership, we'd love to share more about Five Factor Leadership. So we created this FREE assessment that will take you 10 minutes and a piece of paper to complete.

So take that next step into a new way to lead. That's all we'll ever ask you to do - just take the next step.

Download the Five Factors Leadership overview. Invest 10 minutes in assessing the current state of your leadership.

Because you're always just one step away from becoming the kind of leader you want to be.