Measure Organizational Health With Just Two Questions

organizational health two questions shawn lovejoy.jpg

In coaching leaders I’ve learned that most evaluate the health of their teams and organization by asking the wrong questions, or without asking questions at all! Leaders can end up feeling awfully defeated or focused on the wrong solutions if they're not careful in asking the right questions!

I want to refocus how you evaluate the health of your team and organization by giving you the 2 best questions to start asking today.

These questions narrow the scope of what you are evaluating to: Our Culture; and Our Systems.

You may have a well articulated vision, but your culture will eat it for breakfast. Regardless of the seeds of vision and change you are sewing, if you plant them in unhealthy soil, they won't grow! Culture is the soil in which everything in your organization exists and grows.

You may have a brilliant strategy, but your systems will either accelerate it or make it nothing more than a good idea. Systems assure that things and people move throughout your organization in a healthy way, creating the results you hope for.

Two simple questions about your organization:

How does everything feel?

This is the CULTURE question. It is the unexplainable feeling that draws people in or pushes them away. Describe it. Give some language to it. Confront the brutal facts. Confront reality. We can’t get better until we clearly define the way things are

How does everything move?

This is the SYSTEMS question. Systems are the bridge that move things and people from where they are to where they need to be. Systems should be constantly moving things and people from one point to another. If not, we don’t have an effective system! So what (or who) is not moving? Why? These are great strategic systems questions!

APPLICATION: At your next leadership team meeting, focus on one area and ask:

“How does everything feel?”

“How does everything move?”