Measuring Success :: Get Better At Team


Enjoy this excerpt from my latest book, Measuring Success, releasing 4/2/19 and available for pre-order wherever books are sold.

As leaders, we have big visions, strong ideas, and—let’s admit it—strong preferences and opinions!

We are also hard charging our goals.

We’re running fast.

And if we were all completely honest, we might admit that we find it difficult to slow down long enough to really be a great team player.

“Effective leadership requires slowing down enough to take people along with us.”

It takes time to communicate and to explain the details. We have to slow down to listen. It takes time to allow feedback, allow leaders to weigh in, so they will truly buy-in.

We could make the call without consulting the team. We could save ourselves the hassle and fly solo. Many “successful” leaders also tend to be difficult to work with. I would even include myself in that description sometimes!

We need to get better at TEAM. We need to care for people more effectively. We need to refine our ability to work with people. We need to steward people more effectively.

In the long run, our success will largely rise and fall based on the health and quality of our team. We need a team—no, a great team —if we want to fulfill our potential.

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