Measuring Success :: Leaders Need Friends


Enjoy this excerpt from my latest book, Measuring Success, releasing 4/2/19 and available for pre-order wherever books are sold.

Relational Vitality may actually be the most often neglected area of health in the life of a leader.

Many leaders I know simply don’t do relationships that well.

There are lots of reasons for this. For starters, relationships aren’t built in crowds. That’s where leaders spend most of our time. However, outside the crowds and off the stage, we need small circles of tightknit relationships to enjoy doing life with. The world sucks the life out of us, so I believe we all need relationships that also replenish us.

“Too many leaders I know are lonely and isolated.”

Too many leaders I know don’t have a close friend. Too many leaders I know don’t even know their neighbors. How can we love our neighbor when we don’t know them? Too many leaders I know have never participated in a mentoring or coaching relationship with another leader. For one thing, most leaders I have coached are just too busy.

We make ourselves too available to everything or we say “Yes,” to the urgent while crowding out the important: Relational Vitality!

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