Measuring Success :: Why Do Leaders Struggle?

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Enjoy this excerpt from my latest book, Measuring Success, releasing 4/2/19 and available for pre-order wherever books are sold.

The question I’ve been asking myself is very simple: Why?

Why do so many leaders struggle?

Why are they stuck? Why do they doubt themselves? Why are they lonely? Isolated? Insecure? Discontent? Discouraged? Burned out? Depressed? Why are so many not seeing the results they hoped they would see? What is wrong with leaders?

I have grappled with these questions for some time now. I have wrestled with this. I have prayed over this. I have talked with many leaders who are winning, and losing, and many who are hanging in the balance. Here’s my basic conclusion:

“The main reason leaders struggle stems from our definition of success.”

Somewhere along the journey, we get things tangled up in our hearts and heads. Our root problem is that we have exchanged God’s definition of success for our own. We have begun to measure success the way the world does.

As leaders, we must think more and talk about how we measure success.

We must learn to measure success differently, if we are to survive and thrive.

Where do we start? With our own motivations.

Discover your path to Significance, Satisfaction, and Leading yourself to the Next Level.