Momentum: How A STAFF Becomes A TEAM



Momentum requires a MASS: more than one particle (one person) wound tightly together, gaining speed in a given direction. Momentum requires a collection of parts moving TOGETHER. That's a Team!

Your ability to gain and sustain momentum will be directly proportional to the HEALTH, CAPACITY, & ALIGNMENT of your TEAM.

Here’s the challenge: A STAFF doesn’t make a TEAM but it can become one. This is why TEAM-THINKING and TEAM-WORK is a must for MOMENTUM.

When MOMENTUM happens, it creates SYNERGY. Synergy suggests that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As the leader, one of our primary responsibilities is to get the sum of the right parts and knit them tightly TOGETHER and moving in the same direction! 

In terms of organizational dynamics, the directional component of momentum is all about ALIGNMENT around our vision and our values.


Momentum requires our ability as a leader to align the team members in a way that most effectively accomplishes the vision.

A staff only becomes a TEAM when it becomes 127% aligned around the VISION & VALUES of the ministry or organization.

How To Accomplish Alignment:

De-select the WRONG leaders. 

Most organizations think they are 1-2 key hires away from explosive growth. They think: “If I could just hire __________, we could gain momentum.”

On the contrary, I have actually found most organizations are one or two FIRES aways away from momentum! There are one or two weak links. There are one or two people who don’t have CHEMISTRY with the rest of the team. There are one or two people who can not or will not go at the speed of everyone else. We must deselect the wrong leaders before we select the right leaders.

Select the RIGHT Leaders. 

Jim Collins in his book GOOD TO GREAT calls it: “First WHO then WHAT.” In other words BEFORE we design our strategy (the WHAT), we make sure we have the right people (the WHO) to carry it out!  

If we have had a “5 out of 10” in terms of leadership capacity in a given position, we need to take the opportunity to raise our game. If we want to attract 6’s, 7’s, & 8’s, we need to replace that “5” with a “9”.

I talk more about this post: Recruiting Five-Star Talent

Normalize Courageous Conversations.

In all my years of coaching, I have NEVER had a leader say to me: “Shawn, I had that conversation too soon. I made that personnel decision too soon.” NEVER!

On the flip side, If I had a dime for every leader who has said to me: Shawn, I should have had that conversation a long time ago,” I would be VERY wealthy!

In case you didn't already know requires COURAGE TO LEAD!