Momentum: How To Focus On The Basics


Momentum requires Focus. We must know where we are going and we must stay consistently focused on it. Hope is not a strategy. A strategy is a strategy and it only works if you work it! 

We need to be consistent in our habits. Focus on the fundamentals.  We need to BE the culture we want to BUILD! We need to pay close attention to all of our metrics. Maintain a dashboard of the relevant numbers that are reviewed monthly or even weekly. Process oriented goals are more important than scoreboard oriented goals. If we work the PROCESS the SCORE will take care of itself.  

We must do the little things well. When we are experiencing momentum, communication is the first to get lost. We must communicate well with people. We must focus on customer service or congregation care. We must invest consistently into our leaders. 

We need to follow-up up with people. We need to do what we say we will do. We need to return our phone calls and emails.

To maintain or regain momentum, we must stay focused on the basics. No plan is perfect...but you must work your plan! 

This is where wisdom comes in.  We must learn from others but run it through the filter of our own organizational lenses, and apply the transferrable practices to our own vision.

We need to beware of vision schizophrenia.  Having one vision personality in one moment and another vision personality the next will cause us to lose credibility. Consistency beats genius every time. We need to stop looking for the next silver bullet program or event and focus on the PROCESS. No plan is perfect. We just need to work the plan! 

Stay. Focused. On. The. Basics. 

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