Monitoring Our Own Self-Discipline

I have now worked with thousands of leaders to help them become more self-disciplined and therefore more healthy and more successful! I use this set of questions to help them do consistent self-assessment when it comes to their own self-discipline: 

Do I get up at the same time every morning?

Am I overweight?

Do I have any addictions (caffeine, sugar, porn, etc.) right now?

Do I take a day off every week?

Have I taken a vacation in the last year? That wasn’t mixed with work?

Is my email inbox near empty right now?

Is my office and car clean or a mess?

Am I usually on time or late for things?

If I tell someone I’ll call them, do I do it?

Do I spend time with God every day?

Do I have a consistent date night with my spouse?

Do I have a hobby I enjoy consistently?

How often do I exercise?

How much TV do I watch?

What does my appearance say about my level of discipline (hair, clothes, etc.)?

Do I eat right?

Do I have a lot of debt?

Do I ever say: “When things slow down, I’m going to_______”

Did God speak to you today through any of this? Challenge you? Encourage you? If so how?