We're Adding Coaches!

I have said for years that I believe every leader needs a coach! As more people learn of what we're doing at CourageToLead, God is affirming that! To meet the need and continue to strive toward the effort of making coaching available to every leader, no matter the size of the  organization, we are adding new coaches! Why is that BIG NEWS? 

1. We just made coaching truly available to EVERYONE. 

No matter the size of the budget, large or small, we can provide you with a coach that is willing to coach you ONE-on-ONE! Six month relationships now start at $99 per month! That's a little over $3 per day! Obviously, it scales up vastly from there depending on the skill and experience of your coach. I'm amazed at the quality of coaches God is bringing our way from every level of ministry and organization. Our dream at CTL is to soon coach one thousand leaders every year. I pray that includes you! 

Interested in being coached? Drop us a line HERE and we will be in touch! 

2. It's possible YOU could be a CTL COACH. 

Because we are adding new coaches and will be adding MORE, it's possible you could be a coach!

To be considered as a coach, you need to be:

  • Influential at some level in your particular ministry or professional circle
  • Willing to be coached for six months by a certified CTL Coach
  • Willing to take 1/2 day every other week to coach leaders
  • Willing to Listen
  • Ridiculously Responsive 
  • Interested in earning a little Christmas money on the side

Interested? Drop us a line!