Overcoming Inadequacy


I believe one of the most common emotions we all battle is inadequacy. We wonder if we have what it takes. We wonder if we measure up. We wonder if we’re up to the task. We get knocked down. We fail. We’re rejected. We lose our confidence. We lose our swagger. We haven’t resigned yet...at least publicly. Inside however, we have resigned from dreaming. We have resigned from boldness. We have resigned from bold faith. We have resigned from risk taking. We have resigned from courageous conversations and courageous decisions. We resign from putting ourselves out there again. We settle for less than our best life...all because of inadequacy!  So how do we get back? Here are:

3 Ways To Overcome Inadequacy

Forget The Past.

Shame is powerful. There is a thin line between confronting our past and condemning ourselves because of it! Sure, you’ve made mistakes. Sure, you’ve failed. Welcome to the human race! Now you know how to get better. Now you know what NOT to do. If you've made mistakes, say “I’m sorry.” Repent. You’ve learned from your mistakes. Resolve to do it differently next time...and move forward!

Believe What God Believes About You.

Don't believe in yourself. Believe in what God believes about you! God believes in you! He knows your limitations, but He also knows your potential. He has a plan for you that’s bigger than the plan you have for yourself. Start thinking about yourself the way God thinks about you. He believes you have a hope and a future. He believes you have supernatural strength available to you. He believes you can run and not grow weary and walk and not faint. He believes you are more than a conqueror. He believes that you can do all things through Him. Believe. We don’t believe in ourselves as much as we believe in what God believes about us! It’s called faith! So go. Dream. Jump! 

Get A Coach.

One of the reasons I believe in coaching so much is because I have personally reaped the benefits! I can’t tell you the number of times in my own personal leadership that I stumbled into a meeting with one of my mentors or coaches, feeling like a failure. I can honestly say, however, that every time I left my coach, I was ready to tackle Hell with a water gun! Find someone who believes in you. Find someone who can help you confront your weaknesses without being condemned by them. Find someone who can inspire you. Find someone who will challenge you to crawl out of your hole and get you swagger back! Honestly, just one person could make all the difference. Get inspired. Get a coach!