PASTORS: Did Christmas Meet Your Expectations?


Can I be honest with you? When I was a Senior Pastor, some of my most discouraging days were on the heels of a set of big services. 

At these times, one of two things usually happened. First of all, sometimes we meet our big goals. Then we suddenly realized that another Sunday is just a few days away and we have another set of sermons and songs to prepare! Usually, we have our lowest attended services on the heels of the big services! On those days during my ministry, I would be reminded how fleeting it is to measure my worth and success as a pastor solely by nickels, noses. On those days I was reminded of the importance of nurturing my own vitality during ministry’s highest of highs and lowest of lows. In the days that followed, I was reminded that: 

The most difficult person I will ever lead is myself. 

There were also many “big” days in my ministry that did not meet all expectations! There were times when we pressed hard and prayed big… but only medium sized things happened. It was on those days (after a short spiritual pity party) I would soon gather myself enough to realize that we would need to do some things differently and make some changes before the next big day. You may have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same things the same way and expecting different results next time! It was in the days that followed I would reach out for counsel and coaching to help us see things and do things differently next time.

It's not how good we are. It's how good we want to be. TWEET

So today can I make an impassioned plea to you? Stop the insanity. Stop approaching the same old things the same old way. Reach out for help. Ask for some outside perspective. Get some coaching! I believe every leader needs a coach!

Drop us a line today and let’s talk about what one-on-one coaching might look like for you. The first session is on us!

You can also still secure a spot into one of our LIVE VIDEO GROUP COHORTS launching January 15: LEADING MYSELF TO THE NEXT LEVEL and SOLVING OUR SYSTEMS.  Right now is the best time of the year to change. Stop procrastinating. Stop saying you can’t afford it. Frankly, you can’t afford NOT to change! Let’s do this today, and let’s make sure we give God every opportunity to do more than we can ask or imagine before the next big opportunity comes our way. Hope to hear from you soon! 

I pray your Christmas and your Christmas Worship services surpassed your greatest expectations!