Preparing For The Big Day: Don't Presume But Be Prepared


As a Senior Pastor, I don’t think I ever set an attendance goal. Why? The answer is simple. God never gave me a number! If I get up and tell everyone that “I’m believing God for ______ people,’ then ______ people had better show up, or we’re going to get egg on our face. When we tell everyone God told us something is going to happen and it doesn’t happen, the Bible calls this false prophecy, and warns people not to listen to us anymore!

So what do we do? Don’t presume on God. When we are looking toward a big day in the life of our church, we should never presume what God is going to do. If we’re honest, we have no idea. When preparing for a big day, we shouldn’t presume on God, but we should be prepared for whatever God wants to do.

I mentioned this once before in a post, but do you remember the story of the widow’s jars of oil in 2 Kings 4?  The widow had been waiting on God to deliver her family from the throes of starvation. God’s promise: “Bring as many jars as you can find and I will fill them.” When the jars she had found and prepared were filled, the oil stopped flowing.

In other words, the miracle stopped at the level of her willingness to prepare for it. For this reason, I would often tell our team: “I can’t promise you God is going to send ___ people. I can promise you we are going to be prepared if God decides to send that many to us!”

There’s a big difference in presuming on a miracle and preparing for one. Don’t presume on God for this next big day, but be prepared for whatever God might do. That way you won’t get egg on your face again. God just might do more than you can ask or imagine...if you are prepared for a miracle!