Put Yourself First


Putting ourselves first sounds narcissistic at first, doesn't it? However, as the leader, the most difficult person we will ever lead is ourselves, and our tendency is to focus on leading and managing everyone else at the expense or neglect of our own person leadership and growth.

If we are the leader and we stop growing, sooner or later everyone and everything else will stop growing. The best gift we can give our organization is a healthy, growing us! 

If we wait until things “slow down” to do the things that really matter, they will never get done.

So practically speaking, what does this look like?

Place the following ON YOUR CALENDAR as appointments and don’t allow anything to get in the way:

Personal Development: Spending Time Alone With God

Personal Growth: Reading and Coaching

Personal Relationships: Spouse, Family, Friendships: Date Night, Family Night, Vacations, etc. 

Personal Exercise: 3-5 Times Per Week

Personal Recreation and Hobbies: Get a Life Outside Your Job! 

If we are a leader, our own leadership and growth must be held up as the most important thing we do. If we get better, everyone and everything else will get better. Our growth benefists everyone else! So take out your calendar right now...and put yourself first...and lead yourself to the next level!