Recruiting Five-Star Talent


The most controversial thing I could tell you today is that I am a lifelong Alabama football fan. Roll Tide! Do you have a favorite college team? Do you follow college athletics?

If you do, you know that RECRUITING is a major aspect of college athletics. Effective coaches know that their responsibility is not just coaching the players already on the field or court, but to be constantly looking for the best talent in high school and wooing them to join their respective team.

Experts actually have a way of ranking talent and potential among high school athletes through a series of “stars.” A one-star athlete will be overlooked by most schools and will probably not receive a full scholarship from a school to play athletics. A two or three-star athlete will probably receive a scholarship but perhaps won’t be a starter until late in their college athletic career. A four-star athlete will probably start one day soon and sits near the top tier of athletes in the country. There is one final category: The five-star athlete. Five-star athletes have so much potential and talent, experts believe they can hit the ground running! Five-star athletes will probably  be a starter at some point in their freshman year. They might even be ready to start by the time the first game comes around! 

What can we all learn from Nick Saban’s ten year dynasty in college football? Almost any strategy or system can be effective if your team is loaded with five-star talent! 

Your job as the leader? Recruit 5-star talent to your team.

Here’s the challenge, however, with 5-star  performers. One, two, and three-star performers will send in their videos, write letters (send resumes) to coaches, and work to get  a team’s attention. Five-star athletes on the other hand are being wooed (and stalked) by everyone! Five star athletes must be recruited!

Small time recruits will simply sign up and show up. Five-star talent must be recruited.

If by chance you are the type of leader that waits around for high capacity leaders to join your team, you’re going to fall behind every other great team that understand that to win consistently we must have great talent! 

If we want to win consistently, we constantly be on the lookout for, observe, scout, and assess potential five-star performers and convince them to join our team! 

Are you looking for new talent? Are you having consistent recruiting conversations? Are you putting yourself in positions and relationships where you can discover new five-star performers? By the way, five star performers like to go where other five star performers are going!  To gain and sustain momentum, we don’t just need a team. We need a team that’s loaded with talent. We need high capacity, five-star performers! 

Sure, we need some role players: one, two, three-star, and few four-star performers. However, if we want to win and win big, we must consistently reload with new five-star talent.