Rethinking Discipleship (part III)

One of the most often heard complaints when you start talking about evangelism and discipleship is: “Where do I find the time? It’s hard for me to find the 50 hours a week for my job, then crowd in the housework, kid’s sports and other activities, and then some family time! How do I find the time to add to do evangelism and discipleship?"

The answer is simple. There is not time to tack evangelism and discipleship on to everything else that we do. Instead, they should be part of all of our other activities! Evangelism and discipleship is something we do as we go about our daily activities! Most of us know that when Jesus said “Go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19-20), in the Greek, the word translated “Go” is really a participle and it literally means, “as you are going.” When we truly view evangelism and discipleship through the “as you are going” lenses, it changes everything! It means that: 

To make disciples that look like Jesus, we must help people think lifestyle, not formula.

Evangelism and discipleship is not something we just learn in a class and memorize and recite. Evangelism and discipleship best come out of the natural overflow of our lives in real relationships with people we already bump into on a daily basis. It happens best “as we go” to school, work, home, to the  civic community, to the ball field, or wherever!

While I was a Senior Pastor, I’m perhaps most proud of my involvement OUTSIDE of our church. I served the civic community on a regular basis. I served on the Board of a college and two hospitals. I served as Chairman of the Board of several non-profits. I was very active in my local Rotary Club.  I have also coached my son’s football team for the last six years! All of these things have never been a distraction from my ministry. This is part of my ministry! I have never viewed these activities separately from my evangelistic and discipleship efforts. Instead, I have always viewed these activities as central to what it means to follow Jesus and make disciples! To be a disciple and make disciples we must GO into the world!

My small group at church has always been structured so new, disconnected people I meet can join my group for dinner and a discussion any week they want! Every year I have been in a small group, we have reached new, disconnected people and helped them connect with Jesus and His church. My small group is not separate from my evangelistic efforts. It’s central to them!

The alternative? Get so busy INSIDE my church with my Christian relationships and activities that I turn inward and turn my back on the world Jesus died for. When that happens, I cease to be salt and light to a bland, dark world. The tendency for all of us is to turn inward and turn the church over time into a Christian Country Club for the Frozen Chosen! To be disciples that look like Jesus, however, we must GO into the world!  

What about you? How are you going into the world with a mission? Let me know!

I really would love to celebrate your stories!

How could you be more intentional about making disciples “as you go” each day?

In these last three posts, I've gone ot great lengths to remind us all that to make disciples of all nations, we’re going to have to think outside the box...and get outside the walls!  

How have you connected with this 3 part series on discipleship? Let me know your thoughts! “Amen it” if you agree! Comment even if you disagree!

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you in these posts!

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