Will You Be A Victim Or Victor?

I speak with leaders every week who seem to apologize for where they are in life and why their ministry isn't growing like the ministries of others: 

Rural church in field.

“Well, our ministry is not located in a large town like many churches.”

“Well, we don’t have lots of wealthy people in our community like other people do.”

“Well, we don’t have lots of people with big leadership potential in our church…”

“Well, we don’t have the resources that _________ church has.”

“Well, we are from _________Denomination…”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I am a great communicator like _________ here in town”

"Well, you don't know our history here..."

“Well, the last pastor…”

Do any of these sound familiar? When things aren’t going as we want, it’s easy to take a VICTIM mentality and begin to think that we are solely a product of our circumstances. We begin to lead ourselves to believe that we have little control over what’s really happened or happening in our ministries. Unconsciously, this is simply a way to excuse ourselves from taking personal responsibility for our actions or environment.

When I read God’s Word, however, God promises us victory despite our circumstances:

“No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” -Romans 8:37 (NLT)

God says that DESPITE our location, DESPITE our denomination, DESPITE our resources, education, skill, or experience, DESPITE our staff (or lack thereof), that overwhelming victory is ours! 

Here’s the catch: God never simply hands us the victory. We must go and take it. We must decide to leave the desert of the victim mentality. We decide to step out on faith. We must decide to cross the Jordan., despite the odds. We must march around the city despite the size. We must advance against the giant despite the possibility of defeat. We must take action. If we can, victory awaits!

Stop focusing on what you don’t have and what you can’t do. You aren’t responsible for that. You are only responsible for what you have, and what you have is enough if God is in it.

The choice is yours: Will you be a VICTIM or VICTOR?

Right now, decide that you will no longer be held captive by your past limitations. Stop blaming your predecessor and your denomination and your community for where you are. Stop making excuses. Take responsibility. Take inventory. Cross the Jordan. Start circling around the city. Take the battlefield. If you will, victory is yours!