Should We Hire Them?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked by pastors. How do we know if someone is a good fit on our Staff Team? Building a great team doesn’t happen by chance. It requires having a healthy hiring process that sets our church, and our new team member, up for success. You’ve probably seen these, but here is how you should process through new candidates for your team. The list below includes four criteria or filters for every new hire: 4 C's to making great hires. 


Are they called? Are they willing to sacrifice to be here? Will they take a pay cut? (there’s a test!) Do they believe in the power of the local church? Will they quit when it gets hard? Have they exhibited God’s hand being on their service and ministry?


Can we do life consistently with each other? Will we get along easily? Do we already like each other? If I look up and see this person standing at my door will I be happy to see them? For us to work together, we must not only love each other. We have to LIKE each other! We’re going to be together a TON! We need chemistry!


Does this person walk with God and does his/her character show it? Does this person have healthy past relationships with authority? Does this person have anger issues? (Just let them drive on your way out to lunch, and you’ll find out). Does this person have integrity? Does this person handle conflict well? Is this person’s character solid? Ask for examples. Past behavior, by the way, is a great predictor of future behavior.


Has this person ever done what we are needing to get done? Do they have real experience? Has this person ever worked for a large organization? Can this person move at a fast pace? Is this person relationally savvy and emotionally hardy? Can this person think strategically? Is this person a problem solver. At the end of the day, even if I LIKE this person, we still can’t hire them if we don’t think they can get the job done. If they can’t do the job, we won’t like each other when the music stops.

All four of these are important! Often times .we decide to compromise on character for a high capacity person, orwe compromise on capacity because we really LIKE the person. Almost every rocky staff hire you'll make, will come as a result of your compromising on one of the four C’s to “get someone in here.” Big mistake. Don’t compromise! Hire slow. fire fast.

When it comes to STAFFING, the only thing worse than NOBODY is the WRONG BODY.

On the other hand, when all four C’s are present, new team members seem to be instant fits in our culture! An incredible Kingdom synergy exists, and the Kingdom is impacted in new, profound ways! That’s the goal!

So...What steps do you need to take to make better hires?

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