Stress is Not Our Enemy


The word stress is actually defined as “mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” The word “stress” is closely associated with the words “tension” or “pressure.” All this means is that everyone and everything has some stress associated with it! Vacation can even be stressful! Stress is inevitable. It’s all in how we view it and what we choose to do with it.

My suggestion? Stop trying to eliminate the stress in your life. Stop hoping for a less stressful life. Stress is inevitable! Stress can even be useful! People filled with adrenaline under extremely intense, stressful situations have been able to perform superhuman actions and events!

There are two kinds of stress. Stress before an event: stress before a test, stress before a big day, stress before a big meeting, stress before a conversation, etc. Here’s the great part about stress on the front end—the stress can fuel greater preparation and therefore a better expected outcome!

If we leverage our stress to be better prepared, we produce a  better outcome.

 If we are better prepared and we have a better outcome because we have been stressed on the front side of an event, this means we will have little or no stress on the back side! The test score is better!  The conversation goes well!  We knock it out of the park on the event!  

Stress on the front side eliminates most stress on the back side.  

The alternative? Allow our stress to paralyze us on the front side. If we allow that to happen, we will procrastinate, stick our heads in the sand, distract ourselves with busyness, or even binge on Netflix and Social Media! When we do this, however, we create more stress on the back side of the event! The test score sucks! The event is a complete failure. The presentation is a disaster!

Stress is inevitable. We only have two choices: stress on the front side or stress on the backside. If we choose stress on the outside, we affect the outcome!  On the other hand, there’s no benefit to stress on the backside. The result has already happened!

Stress on the front side eliminates most stress on the back side. This means stress is not our enemy! So today, choose stress on the front side. Stop whining about how stressful it is. Motor up. Drill down. Get focused. Get disciplined! Leverage the stress to be better prepared. Produce a better outcome. If we will, we can and will experience less stress...on the back side!

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