10 Reasons Every Leader Needs a Coach (Part 2)

In part 1 of this post,  I began sharing why I believe every leader should have a coach. I began sharing ten reasons why: Here are five more:

Why do I believe every leader needs a coach?

6. Coaching offers outside perspective.

We all have blind spots. We all have certain lens through which we see the world and the organizations we lead. We all have certain ways of thinking. The challenges in front of us often become like forgotten cracks in a mirror we don’t see after a certain period of time. Coaching addresses all of that with a new, fresh perspective!

7. Coaching challenges us.

Iron sharpens iron. Do you know how iron sharpens iron? Heat and friction! We need both. We need to be pushed. We need to be held accountable. We need to execute. We need to read. We need to learn. We need to get and stay healthy. Coaches are like personal trainers. They provide challenge and accountability that we can’t get by downloading content or attending conferences.

8. Coaching grows the leadership capacity of myself and the organization I lead.   

I doubt I have had very many original thoughts. ALmost everything I know I learned from someone else. So when I spend time with someone who’s been further down the road than I am now,

9. Coaching confronts isolation and loneliness.

Sure we can attend conferences and download content, but where can I sit down and talk through whatever’s keeping me up at night. Where else can we go and ask: “So I’ve got this worship leader…”? A great coach starts with my challenges, not their content!  We’re passionate about that aspect at CourageToLead.com!

10. Coaching gives us an advantage.

Learning, growing, leaders win. They succeed. Period! Isolated leaders? They stop learning and stop growing. Sooner or later, the organizations they lead do the same. Don’t allow that to be you!

So remind me again why you’re not getting one-on-one coaching? 

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