The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Leader


An Entrepreneur tends to be growth-oriented. Entrepreneurs tend to be great starters, thinkers, and strategic thinkers. Entrepreneurs tend to be willing to roll the dice and take big risks. They consider numerical success as their primary metric. Entrepreneurs are pioneers, but may have a hard time sticking with a vision over the long haul. Pioneers and entrepreneurs may be brilliant but can be intimidating, or even considered a bully if they are not in touch with their own emotional intelligence.  Entrepreneurs often become their own liability in an organization if they can't morph, as the company grows, into a leader! 

A leader tends to be Impact-oriented; They are people oriented. Leaders possess the ability to catalyze and influence others. They build teams. They garner support. They develop people. They reproduce themselves. Leaders tend to focus on the difference they make in the lives of people. Leaders are encouragers. Leaders tend to put the needs of others before themselves. Leaders are encouragers. Leaders leave a legacy.  Leaders tend to view legacy as their greatest success.  

Any idea which one you want to be?