The Formula For Momentum


Check this out:

A train traveling 55 mph on a railroad track can crash through a 5-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete wall without stopping. However, that same train, can’t run through an inch-thick block, placed right in front of the engine, if the train is starting from a stationary position!

It's never the size of our problem that’s the problem. It's the lack of momentum. Without momentum, even a tiny obstacle can prevent us bursting through the barrier. WITH momentum, we can burst through the toughest barriers with the greatest of ease!

How? Well, this is what scientists tell us:

MOMENTUM = Mass X Speed X Direction

Let’s look briefly at each of these:


MASS, according to is a term used to describe a collection of particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body. Momentum requires more than one particle. Momentum requires a collection of parts working together. A STAFF doesn’t make a TEAM but it can become one. This is why TEAM THINKING and TEAM-WORK is a must.

When this happens, it creates SYNERGY. Synergy suggests that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! We must be ONE. The must get the sum of the right parts and knit them tightly TOGETHER. 


Newton’s second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object is dependent upon two variables - the net force acting upon the object and the mass of the object. This is where passion, authority, and urgency some in. We must catalyze growth now. The longer we wait, the more momentum we lose. To not make a decision is to make a decision.

Momentum requires moving forward without all of the answers. Momentum requires pulling the trigger more rapidly. An organization can not grow more rapidly than the pace at which it makes decisions. This is where courage also comes in. Momentum requires courage...and faith!  


Direction. We must be moving in a direction. Hope is not a strategy! This is where Consistency comes to bear. We must maintain a consistent direction. This is where wisdom comes in.  This is where Vision ALIGNMENT comes in. Everyone must be pulling the same DIRECTION. This is why the values that hang on the wall must be happening down the hall. This is where ACCOUNTABILITY comes in. This is when coaching is most valuable!

Momentum. If we have it now, and one of these components goes lacking, we will lose it.

If we have lost it, we can get it back. We will need help...but we can regain our momentum!

We can protect the momentum we have.

God can help us produce the momentum we need.