The Four Most Crucial Vision Questions

In my book Be Mean About The Vision: Preserving and Potecting What Matters, I reveal the most crucial vision questions. Here they are, followed by some explanatory questions and other statements: 

Why are we here?

The Vision is not WHAT we do. It's WHY we do it. 

Why do we exist? Why were we created? What is our mission? 

 Where are we going now?

If the current direction remained constant, where would we end up? Where is the organization currently headed? 

Where do we want to go?

What is the desired destination? What is the win? What is our goal? How will we know if we have been succesful? 

 How do we take everyone there? 

Now that we know where we are and where we need to go, how will we get everyone aligned around it? How and when will we communicate it? How will we make the leaders stakeholders of it? How will we get everyone else onboard? What meetings need to begin to happen, when, and with whom?


Don't overcomplicate this. Don't procrastinate. Begin asking these questions today with your team and watch the temperature begin to change rapidly! Don't wander around in the wilderness.   Where there is no vision, people perish. Where there is vision, there is life, health, and growth! So go!